Market Application
there are different kinds of fast consumer goods and they are updated rapidly. Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, it can effectively display and manage goods and update product information conveniently.
Fruit & Fresh
The quality of frozen fresh products is also decreasing due to the extension of time. Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, the price can be controlled in real time, and the price should be fluctuated correspondingly according to the customer consumption time.
Footwear & Apparel
Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, customers can quickly understand the product discount information, inventory, style and so on.
Electronic Products
Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, it can make personalized template customization for retail industry, integrate it with product style, enhance the consistency of customer's sense for products and enhance brand influence for its retailers.
Warehousing Logistics
It can effectively manage the data of inventory commodities, and update product data in real time to avoid economic losses caused by insufficient inventory.
It can effectively reduce paper waste of conference activities, improve the sense of meeting, unify the signing forms, and avoid mistakes in information.
It helps to realize the "new retail" of furniture, integrate into the trend of the times, and enhance the brand influence of the entity store.
Smart department signage: dynamically updates the display content; Smart patient/bed label, traces the patient's full process information.
ESL-Organizational Structure
Data Interface
Can integrate with POS system, ERP system and WMS system.
Price Updating
Rapid commodity price change after the database updating.
Efficient Management
Digital display commodity inventory/promotion info.
ESL- Internal software
Improvement of the work efficiency
The retail staff updates the contents of the electronic price tag through the mobile terminal program. Automatic updating of prices greatly improves the efficiency of work. The electronic price tag is used to fix the commodity area and facilitate the effective management of the goods by the staff.
Increase of customer experience
With the current mobile technology, customers can generate the shopping list and complete the mobile payment by scanning label two-dimensional code through APP or through the NFC function of the mobile phone. It undoubtedly enhances customer experience and extends customer retention time in the store.
Detailed data management
Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, we can obtain the precise operation data, analyze consumer psychological behavior, manage data in the detailed way, formulate the reasonable price strategy, so as to realize the exact marketing of the entity store and maximize the benefits.
ESL- External hardware
The extremely "thin" front end is 4mm thick, HD electronic ink screen; "personality" scenes, free custom display templates; the "family" accessories are generally designed to reduce costs; super "hardware" IP67, waterproof and dustproof grade;
convenient to install, simple to operate, strong ability to adapt, and it can reduce the impact on operation in the implementation process.
Automatic detection and early warning mechanism; strict encryption, whole-process closed data transmission; the life span of the battery is over five years.
It supports rich hardware extensions and is suitable for retail, warehousing, education, conferencing, industrial and medical fields and supports multi-lingual (Chinese / English / Russian / German / Czech / Arabia etc.).
ESL-New retail experience
Combination of ESL price tag and LCD strip type screen
The software can be compatible with ESL price tag and LCD strip type screen at the same time, meeting the demand of customers's customized product information display. It can not only realize the real-time price synchronization of ESL tag, but also play advertising through various sizes of LCD screen, so that improving the user interaction experience.
Product Types
2.13 Inch Electronic Price Tag
Dimension: 34(V)*66(H)*12.6(D)mm;
2.9 Inch Electronic Price Tag
Dimension: 40.2(V)*85.6(H)*12.6(D)mm;
4.2 Inch Electronic Price Tag
Dimension: 98*104.5*14;
7.5 Inch Electronic Price Tag
Dimension: 131*216*9;
Base Station
Dimension: 120(V) *120(H)*30(D);
Weight: 350g
Case Presentation
EUROSHOP 2020, Meister electronic price tag helps new retail
Home Decoration
Home Furnishing
Convenience Store
Supermarket-Project 1
Supermarket-Project 2
Supermarket-Project 3
3C industry-Project 1
3C industry-Project 2
Product installation and deployment
employee training
Staff training, on-site or online training of customers, management staff, explain the daily use methods.
Installation and commissioning
Installation and commissioning, training customers and managers on site or online to explain daily usage.
Pre-operation, on-site or online training of customers, management personnel, explain the daily use methods.
Product after sales service
ONTIME ESL supports long-term technical services
ONTIME ESL has a number of professional agents and service teams, and has established a multi-level service system to ensure the normal operation of the project. For customers, ONTIME ESL supports long-term technical services. If you encounter problems with ONTIME ESL products, you can ask for help through the 400 hotline, WeChat, and email.
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